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Dive In Tae Digital - Recruitment Process

Our digital marketing interns are handpicked for their passion and drive before undergoing extensive digital marketing training by real marketers with years of  experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

The interns on this programme are unemployed or students looking for a break in life and Dive In Tae Digital is just that – a chance to forge a career with new skills and hands-on experience working with a business.

It’s not just about the interns though, every host business will receive:

  • Bespoke competitor research
  • Bespoke audience personas
  • A website audit with recommendations
  • A marketing strategy tailored to your business
  • A social media strategy
  • Social media content calendar & social posts
  • SEO keyword research and optimisation recommendations 
  • Branding audit
  • & more

The value of these outputs is well into the thousands, so this is an incredible opportunity for time-stretched and budget-poor businesses. Each business and intern will have continuous contact with Colleen or Alana from Scunnered Digital to ensure quality is high and everyone is getting as much out of the experience as possible. 


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How does it benefit me?

We have no doubt you’re going to see incredible value from your intern experience. Not only will you get hands-on in-house support in all things digital, you’ll finish the programme with digital strategies, bespoke research, content templates and access to your own data so you can continue the great work.

Our inclusive but selective recruitment process ensures we’re matching you with individuals with real potential and enthusiasm for their future. When you open the door to talent regardless of background, you’re opening the door to innovative thinking, fresh perspectives and young people who genuinely want to get stuck in.

Who can apply to be a host business?

Any small to medium business based in Dunfermline can apply. We’re looking for a varied and diverse list of businesses from all sectors, including retail, tourism, professional services, hospitality and salons. You must have a physical office or space for our intern to work from and must provide access to WIFI. Remote businesses may be considered but the business owner must have a Dunfermline address.

What do I actually have to do?

Dive In Tae Digital set tasks are mostly self-led so your intern will be plenty busy without needing your attention. We are the main point of contact for your intern so they won’t need too much of your time but you must be willing to spend a little bit of time each week supporting them so they can complete their tasks. The more helpful you are, the better the outcome for your business! 

At the beginning of the placement, you should have a sitdown induction (approx 1 hour) with your intern where you can answer any questions and explain your business and products in detail (e.g. who are your key competitors?). During the internship, you/your team should be available to answer any adhoc questions they may have and should also be available for approval of things like social media ideas if you wish them to go live on your social media accounts.

To get the most out of this opportunity, we need our host companies to be welcoming and supportive of our interns. We want our interns to feel like part of your team on the days they spend with your business.

When will the internship be?

All internships will run as follows:

  • Intern week 1: Monday 26th Aug
  • Intern week 2: Monday 2nd Sept
  • Intern week 3: Monday 9th Sept
  • Intern week 4: Monday 16th of Sept

Internships are 14 hours per week, to be arranged at a time suitable to both you and your intern e.g. 2 x 7-hour days with 0.5hr unpaid break each day.

Do the interns get paid?

Yes! Every intern is paid the Real Living Wage of £12 an hour.

Fife Council will pay 70% of this cost, meaning you only have to cover 30% (£3.60 per hour).

Interns will be required to work for 14 hours per week, over four weeks. 

The full four-week internship will cost you £201.60 total.

How interns will be paid
Fife Council will release 70% of the Living Wage to you and you will top it up with your 30% and pay your intern directly on a weekly basis. Dive In Tae Digital will require a copy of each intern payslip you issue. 

Do the interns require a contract?

We highly recommend putting a fixed-term contract in place with your temporary intern who is recognised as a worker by the Government. Free fixed-term contract templates can be found on Business Gateway and easily adapted with a start and an end date to cover the working period. Based on the length of the placement and the Living Wage, your intern will not meet thresholds for NI employer contributions and will not be eligible for autoenrollment into a workplace pension scheme. 

What support will I get during the internship?

Your business is SO important to us – we know the trust you are putting in us and your intern. Throughout the internship weeks, you have access to optional weekly 1-2-1s with Dive In Tae Digital trainers to answer any of your questions. Interns will also have weekly group and individual 1-2-1s with our trainers to ensure they are successfully completing the tasks set out.

How do I apply?
We’re delighted you’d like to be a host business! Apply now by filling in this simple form:


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