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What is Dive In Tae Digital?

Making digital marketing fair for everyone

Digital marketing is essential to the success of all businesses, from one man bands in rural locations to enormous global brands. The issue is, without healthy budgets, SMEs are turned away from marketing agencies and left to fend for themselves. With no time to upskill and no budget to pay someone to do it for them, where does that leave small business owners?

Digital marketing also fosters an elitist job market. Not got a degree? You won’t get very far. The majority of entry-level marketing jobs require a university degree… but why? Ask around any marketing agency and you’ll hear every degree under the sun, from fashion to history, politics to theology – hardly of much relevance to marketing. Having worked in digital marketing for a combined 15 years, we know the traditional career path doesn’t work. It’s old, out-dated and quite frankly, unfair for so many.

What if we could create affordable digital marketing interns, who are trained by experts, to transform SME marketing and give businesses access to tools and strategies that are currently out of reach? Dive In Tae Digital opens the doors to natural talent and makes digital marketing a level playing field for everyone, from all walks of life. 

how it works



Dive In Tae Digital - Recruitment Process


We are looking for 24 driven individuals aged 16-30 living in Dunfermline who are unemployed and/or a student who are looking to change careers or start a brand new one.
Sound like you? Apply now!

We are also looking for 24 Dunfermline-based SME businesses from any sector who have no in-house marketing support and could use an extra pair of hands to show them the ropes.
Sound like you? Apply now!


Dive In Tae Digital - Training Process


Over the course of 8 weeks, our 24 interns will be trained by digital marketing experts who have marketed some of the biggest brands in the world! Training sessions will be 6 hours per week and we will cover all aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimisation (all things Google), social media, content creation, graphic design, email marketing and how to understand website performance.


Dive In Tae Digital - Internship


Week 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Dive In Tae Digital is the most exciting part – the internship! For four weeks, our interns will be based in their matched business for 14 hours per week. Our interns will work through tasks set out by our marketing experts to ensure businesses and interns get the most value from this time.

Interns will work on:

  • Digital strategy
  • Competitor research
  • Audience personas
  • Social media strategy
  • Social Media content calendars
  • Branding audit
  • SEO including keyword research
  • Data and analytics 

All interns will be paid at the Real Living Wage of £12/hour. Dive In Tae Digital will fund 70% of this internship wage with the host business contributing 30% (£201.60 total). Our marketing experts will be in continuous contact with all of our interns and our businesses with weekly check ins to monitor progress.


Dive In Tae Digital - Evaluation


After internships are complete, we will interview our interns and also businesses to hear how well Dive In Tae Digital went. We will gather data from both sides to evaluate the improvement in learner knowledge and business knowledge across key marketing areas.


Dive In Tae Digital - The Future

The future

The results don’t stop at the 12 week point – after Dive In Tae Digital, businesses and interns alike walk away with so much value from the programme. Businesses involved will walk away with a much greater understanding of what digital marketing looks like for them and clear bespoke strategies for their business. Interns will walk away with expert training, real-life work experience and will be equipped with employability skills. All interns will receive a written statement of their performance and LinkedIn testimonials from Dive In Tae Digital and the businesses they were placed in to help support their next career steps.